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Once the order slip had been given to one of the workers behind the counter, Serena had tended other customers while his was still in the process of being done. Every once in a while she glanced over at the crimson haired man to make sure he hasn’t moved away.

He was certainly someone unique. Out of all of the customers the blonde has seen over the time she had spent working—she never once saw him before. At least when it pertained to her shifts which weren’t always the most stable so chances were she had missed him. It was strange though..he was probably the only guy she knew who had hair as long as he did. Especially liking something most people neglected to even notice. Or maybe he just liked simple things. Who knows.

A loud ring signified another order ready and it was exactly his. A complimentary treat was added next to his tea cup along with a small jar of honey and of course the spoon. Reaching his table, she placed the tray softly against the table making sure not to spill anything. “A small complimentary strawberry filled scone for you.” Her smile was once again gentle and kind. “Thank you and I am so sorry for the wait again.” She bowed her head gently. “Do you need anything else, mister?”


Time passed. The waitress had not yet returned with his tea. The wait was neither long nor grueling, but the way in which his mind wrestled with her presence made it appear so. He had come to enjoy her company, however brief. For someone so multifaceted, he was unsure whether or not his adulation was genuine or part of the script of being ‘normal.’ Her appearance was another quirk—vivacious yellow hair, like the sunshine curtained over a city whole and her eyes, able to carve out glaciers from seas unbounded.

Crossed legs and a thousand-yard stare display his contemplation. He keeps the pose until his order arrives. An unflappable Kurama gives his appreciation for the order while keeping his eyes on the lot of flowers. “…time is what we make of it,” he replies. The distance of his tone separates the two of them, despite being near one another. His voice carries an subversive current, one that carries more than one meaning. “So no worries.”

As if nothing had happened, he reaches for the scone and takes a very small bite. The reverie of strawberry marinates on his taste buds, rendering them caked with the flavor. Warm bread and creamy filling—the past hour was a mental rush unlike any other. He then reaches for his tea to wash it all down. Citrus and herbal mint carry the scones to his stomach, resonating with a dense pang. While he maintained a stoic approach, the edges of his lips would distort ever-so-slightly to indicate his satisfaction.

"…exemplary." He neglected to answer her last question; the astonished glint in his eyes told it all.

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"Thank you sir." Serena lowered her head in gratitude for his compliment. Aside from her co-workers and her boss, no one has really ever mentioned the outdoor look nor anything. Then again the weather was far too hot for them to notice and by the time the sunlight bid goodbye—the customers couldn’t really appreciate it’s splendor how it should have been. The server fixed her posture and wrote down his order with a simple elegant handwriting.


"I concur but..considering how most people these days are living, it may be difficult for that to happen." Tucking away the small note pad and pen inside of her apron, gazing down she responded. “So long as materialism blinds them—the beauty of the simpler things in life goes unnoticed but that’s okay." Her sapphire orbs gazed upon his own dazzling emerald greens; sunlight adding more color to them if such a thing was possible. They certainly put to shame any precious gem, even more so the contrast between them and his crimson hair. “It gives me more opportunities to enjoy them myself. I’m sure you do the same, ne?" With a final smile she responded before heading back inside to take care of his order not really awaiting an answer for her question in return.

He noted that the waitress had an alluring presence not unlike the flowers that rest before them. The hypnotic cadences of her voice swept him further into the momentary tizzy, the product of several pleasurable influences. Upon her exit did he notice the sway of her apron, moving in-sync with the winds—cooler than the cats that prowled on the rails bounding the terrace.


“Of course,” his delayed response to her question. Returning to a somewhat normal state of mind, Kurama observes the makeup of his table. Smooth and light, its mirrored surface reflects the sky in all its cerulean depth. His stomach growls, a testament to his growing appetite. It was not the first time he had gone into such a frenzy, and if he played his cards right, it would not be the last; hunger pangs be damned.




"Lovely..?" Did he mean the flowers? It had to be that taking into consideration where he was looking before she had approached. “Ah..we brought them here not too long ago. Maybe a week or so." She trailed on, pointed on the furthest corner to the right. “Those roses there were the last to be brought here. Yesterday to be exact." She smiled almost happily. Flowers were something she absolutely adored and the season couldn’t have been more perfect. The idea to bring those were her own and it gave her great joy to know that customers were taking a liking to the new ambiance.


"I’m glad you enjoy them very much, sir." Serena’s expression lit up completely feeling more comfortable with the new customer. He really did seem to like them and that was always a good thing.

Kurama grows pensive. The wind trifles looming Spanish moss, fringing green on brown fences in a hostile makeover. Tulips demarcate throngs of roses and hydrangeas, lily-whiter than the sun frenetic. The end result was a ornate menagerie of plants, faltered only by the weather.


"Quite the eye you have, miss." He forgot again his reasons for doing what he had done: to escape, to bask as himself in anonymity. The café was far removed from his side of the city, decreasing the chance of anyone recognizing him. The space allowed for him to unmask and relax. And right then and there, he could not ask for anything more.

Forgoing ordering his tea, he continues. “The world needs more people who can love it. Wouldn’t you agree?”